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We are finishing up our WINTER classes right now... 

Click HERE for the Spring Schedule. The semester begins Saturday March 2nd and lasts for 10 weeks!

About our program: 

 ...Babies are encouraged in ALL of our classes! ...Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter! 

Music Together is basically a "mommy and me" music & movement class for any 3 months to about 5 years old. We meet once a week for 45 minutes during our "sessions".  You enroll in a particular day and time and we will see each week at that time!  We will sing and dance and play fun instruments together!  You receive the music and a songbook to bring home with you each semester so we all know the songs and can sing together!  There is NOTHING else like our classes!

Music Together is an internationally recognized program and a pioneer in research-based early childhood music education. The program builds on a child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. IT IS SO FUN!

Contact Director Tracie Krieger. 561-400-7489 (text or call!) or email traciekrieger@me.com to TRY a class or with any questions at all!

We offer classes at The Mandel JCC Building in Palm Beach Gardens and the Martinique Abacoa Clubhouse in Jupiter. It's so much fun!  And please remember - you can start as early as 3 months old! Babies are welcome!  

To learn more of the details about our program, click HERE!

SPRING SEMESTER: News for currently-enrolled families:

Class dates are:

Saturdays 3/2 - 5/4. No Class 3/23 and 4/6. Just 8 weeks!!!

Sundays 3/3 - 5/19. No class 3/24 and 4/21.

Mondays 3/4 - 5/13. No class 3/18 .

Tuesdays 3/5 - 5/14. No class 3/19. (Martinique Dates are a little different. See email!)

Wednesdays 3/6 - 5/15. No class 3/20.

Thursdays 3/7 - 5/16. No class 3/21.

Fridays 3/8 - 5/24. No class 3/22 and no class 4/19.  

To access your MUSIC this semester, please remember there are MULTIPLE ways to do it! Check it out:

1. Simply use the CDs that are in your package in your car or at home or download them!
2. Use the 'Hello Everybody' APP on your iPhone or Android!  It's available on the App Store or through Google Play. HERE'S HOW: Login to the app or create a new login (this may be different from your login to MY website), find the menu in the upper right hand corner, find the ACCESS CODE link, use your ACCESS CODE from the front of the book, then click on MUSIC from the home page of the app and you'll see some WELCOME SONGS along with the FIDDLE music. They are all listed at the bottom..  Now you can listen ANYWHERE! And ALL the Music Together music will be available there from your classes ...Just ASK US in class if you need help!
3. Go to the Music Together Family Music Zone online!  You can listen there or DOWNLOAD the songs to your computer. You will create a NEW login for this website and then use your ACCESS CODE to access the music along with LOTS of other fun features! Try it! Here is the link: https://www.musictogether.com/account