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Tracie's Music Together Policies

We are happy to welcome you to the Tracie's Music Together family. Please take a moment to review our center policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tracie Krieger, Director, by phone at (561) 400-7489 or by email at traciekrieger@me.com


Make-up Classes

If you miss your regularly scheduled Music Together class for any reason, you may schedule a make-up class. THREE make-up classes are allowed each semester for each registered child, on a space-available basis. They must be taken during the current semester and cannot be "carried over." You may schedule your make-up as soon as you know you are going to miss a class. We often see an end-of-semester rush, so try to schedule your make-ups as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 


To schedule a make-up class, use our online Make-Up Scheduler. Login to your account, go to the homepage, find "makeup a class" on the left hand side and follow the directions! If a given class is not displayed as an option for a make-up, it means all make-up spots for that class have been assigned. If you know you will not be attending a previously scheduled make-up class, please cancel it so the spot becomes available for another family.

 PLEASE NOTE: If you register and pay for class but then do NOT SHOW UP, you may lose your spot and your assigned CD/Songbook.  Please let us know if you have changed your mind about enrolling ASAP!  Thank you!


Siblings and Other Guests

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time—no need to ask. Whole family music-making at home is extremely valuable to your child's music development, and attending class occasionally helps family members feel more comfortable joining in. If you would like to bring another guest (including an older sibling who may be home from school), please let us know by emailing traciekrieger@me.com Visitation spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be guaranteed. We want to protect the quality of EACH class ...and therefore need to manage the number of people!  Thanks for understanding.  A sibling's FIRST visit this summer is FREE. After that, there is a charge of $10 paid directly to the teacher (cash preferable) 

Health Policy

The health of all classroom participants is important to us, so we take measures to ensure the cleanliness of our classroom and limit exposure to germs. We take time to sanitize our classroom space, instruments, and materials after each class with a child-safe cleaning solution. If you or your child is sick, PLEASE STAY HOME from class and schedule a make-up. This is also includes any visible RASHES and DRIPPING BOOGIES.  If your child has a rash, please stay home until it's been cleared up!  Let us know if we can help with your makeup classes! Remember, We touch and "mouth" lots of instruments in class... so any kind of DRIPPING boogies would be harmful.  The teacher will need to ask you to come back another day if we see that your child is sick. Thank You!

Class Cancellations

Holiday closures will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, and for other extraordinary circumstances. You will be notified by phone (please make sure we have your CELL PHONE) if your class in cancelled. Cancelled classes will be made up at the end of the session.

Refunds and Credits

We offer the following refund policy(ies). READ THE TRACIE'S MUSIC TOGETHER POLICY.

Music Together Refunds and Credits

Full payment, including a nonrefundable registration fee, is due at the time of registration. You will receive a full tuition refund if you request to drop out of class before the registration deadline (typically the first day of classes). 

No tuition refunds are given for class withdrawals after the registration deadline. If you withdraw after the deadline, but before your first class, you will be issued a credit towards tuition for a future semester. After your first class, pro-rated credits may be issued upon review of individual circumstances. 

We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. However, please note that non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from class. We are not able to offer tuition refunds unless we are informed of your intent to withdraw prior to the registration deadline. 

Tracie's Music Together Refund Policy

Our REFUND policy is as  follows:

If you withdraw BEFORE the first class, we will issue a FULL refund.

If you withdraw AFTER the first week but BEFORE the 2nd week, you will receive a FULL refund (unless you took the CD/Songbook home, then it's a $50 charge) 

If you withdraw 24 hours after the second week, we will issue you a $130 refund.

After week #2, there are NO REFUNDS (except if notified within 24 hours).

 This policy is in place to make sure you Try and Like the class but also to leave enough room to let someone from the Wait List into the class in time. Thank You! 

AND you need to alert us! Non attendance does not signify that you have withdrawn. Also, we do not guarantee your spot until we have received payment.  Lastly, we do not prorate.  Thanks for your understanding!

 Other IMPORTANT Class Guidelines!

NOTE: Leave your “ADULT” at home and only bring your INNER CHILD! Be goofy!  Sing along!  Dance with your child! Nobody’s watching you!

- No TALKING during class!  Please sing and participate for your child’s benefit!

- No snacks, sippy cups or “lovies” during class. Except lullabye time. Otherwise, they can be distracting to others who may want to steal them! 

- Adult participation is critical! We/parents are our children’s greatest teachers. Your children will ENJOY this class and LEARN MORE from this class if YOU participate as best you can!

- No phones during class!

- NO RUNNING! If the child is running or carrying on in any way outside of the musical activity for an extended period, please redirect them back to our circle or take them outside for a brief break.

- If your child is having a frustrated moment, please step out for a few minutes. Most children will choose to re-enter the activity on their own because they don’t want to miss out on the fun! 

- Please play the CD for your children at home/in the car as often as possible. You will both enjoy class so much more if you do!

- Please try to arrive on time!  “The Hello Song” is a ritual song that will soon be your child’s favorite.  You don’t want him/her to miss it!  It also eases them into the class, thus providing a more enjoyable experience for everyone!


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